Empowering the Consumer

Etag is a UNBS service that empowers consumers to identify substandard goods using their mobile handsets

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For the manufacturers

Etag Services enables manufacturers to reclaim markets lost to counterfeiters and restore consumer confidence in your brand.

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For the consumers

Etag Services empowers consumers to identify and report counterfeit goods in the market using only their mobile phones

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How it works


Purchase UNBS certified products whose manufacturer's have opted into the Etag Service


Scratch or peel to reveal secret 14 digit code attached to the product


Dial *114* followed by the 14 digit code, followed by # and then send


You can report counterfeit products by calling the UNBS toll free line at 0800133133.

Network Coverage

The service is currently available on the three major telecommunications networks in Uganda. Plans to extend support to other networks are underway

You can now use Etag Services on MTN, UTL or Airtel by dialing *114#